About me

Vanessa Lee grew up in an artist family surrounded by the stage and circus. Her father Roland Baisch comedian and actor was touring or on TV Pro 7 Comedy Factory and the stage comedy "Männerabend". Her mother the american Linda Murphy performed as a juggler and comedian in the "Cirque de Barbarie" the legendary all woman's french circus. Fascinated by the world of circus Vanessa studied ballet, tap and acted in school theater pieces.

In summer she took up training in a children's circus and became a trainer for younger children. After graduation from school a passion for trapeze found her accepted in the state circus school in Berlin. After a two year training Vanessa graduated in 2010 and toured with other students in variety theaters. Since then she has played in Europe in circus , theaters and Gala shows.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up
Pablo Picasso